Conscious Coconut

Product love :: Conscious Coconut. Amazing, fair trade sourced coconut oil available in a travel ready tube. So convenient for the coconut obsessed like me! Stay tuned…I may have some fun news about a retail partnership coming up…

Time to listen

“Prayer is when you talk; meditation is when you listen.” I have been using the Headspace: Guided Mediation and Mindfulness app and absolutely loving it. In the same way that I notice a difference in my mood and ability to handle everything thrown at me in a day when I exercise, I notice that with regular mediation I am able to stay calm and present. My 11 year old daughter has even started doing it herself! I think we are onto something with the teenage years coming up…

What I’m reading…

Great read about the mind-body connection in regards to fertility. The subconscious mind is powerful; you are what you think.

Fertility Workshop

Upcoming fertility workshop at The Nest next month — save the date!

Meet the doulas (& acupuncturist!)

Trust me, I’m a better acupuncturist than cookie decorater! Come enjoy a (gluten-free) cookie at The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Center, and meet perinatal acupuncturist (me!), doulas, RMTs, birth photographers and others here to support healthy & happy pregnancies and deliveries.