As we enter a new year and enjoy the fresh slate that is 2017, expanding ahead of us unknown and full of potential, I only have one resolution this year: Listen to my heart. 

What I’m reading…

Great read about the mind-body connection in regards to fertility. The subconscious mind is powerful; you are what you think.

Cupping all the sore muscles tonight!

Cupping improves circulation, draws out toxins and relieves tension in the body. 

Fertility Workshop

Upcoming fertility workshop at The Nest next month — save the date!

Meet the doulas (& acupuncturist!)

Trust me, I’m a better acupuncturist than cookie decorater! Come enjoy a (gluten-free) cookie at The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Center, and meet perinatal acupuncturist (me!), doulas, RMTs, birth photographers and others here to support healthy & happy pregnancies and deliveries.