Spring Renewal

Spring is a time of shedding the old (goodbye snow!) and moving into creativity. As we shed the stagnation of the long winter let’s increase our vibrancy by doing a gentle spring detox. Spring is the season of the liver and supporting its optimal function we will look and feel our best. Eat and drink your greens (especially bitter greens!). Lemon water every morning will support the function of the liver. Further support the liver by taking a milk thistle tincture or tea. Get outside and get moving. Create something beautiful.


I am so excited to announce that Greenacre Acupuncture will now be a proud stockist of Magicstripes! These masks are amazing to lift and tone the skin. Have a big event coming up that you want to look your best for? Magicstripes is the secret weapon you need! Come drop by the clinic and see our selection. You can thank me later 😉  

Conscious Coconut

Product love :: Conscious Coconut. Amazing, fair trade sourced coconut oil available in a travel ready tube. So convenient for the coconut obsessed like me! Stay tuned…I may have some fun news about a retail partnership coming up…

Time to listen

“Prayer is when you talk; meditation is when you listen.” I have been using the Headspace: Guided Mediation and Mindfulness app and absolutely loving it. In the same way that I notice a difference in my mood and ability to handle everything thrown at me in a day when I exercise, I notice that with regular mediation I am able to stay calm and present. My 11 year old daughter has even started doing it herself! I think we are onto something with the teenage years coming up…


I booked the new rider 2 week intro offer for 50$. Great deal! I have done a few spinning classes here and there but this is a different experience: it is dark with candlelight, the beat-fuelled music is loud and keeps your energy up, and there are crazy upper body pumping and dipping moves. Let me say, it was a humbling experience! But such a great cardio workout and by my second class I already had a better “handle” on it. I’ll go again after a recovery day — my legs are going to need it! Try it for yourself —  http://www.wheelhousecycle.ca